Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis – Aquaphor Morion

Water quality that rivals even the most expensive premium bottled water.

Regarded as the world’s best Reverse Osmosis water filter, the Morion removes

100% of virtually all of the following water impurities:

  • chlorine
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • nitrates
  • hardness
  • lead
  • mercury and other metals
  • organic contaminants
  • sulphates

and many more..

The Morion’s unique ultra compact design means minimal disruption to under-sink or cabinet storage space.

The Morion features easy to change filter cartridges with options for pH adjustment, mineralisation and improved taste.

Special discounts when purchased with a Dawson Water Softener or when you upgrade from an old fashioned generic R.O.

Size: 371x420x190mm | Filtration rate: 190 litres per day. | Drinking water tap included.

Ultrafiltration- Aquaphor Crystal B

  • The Crystal B, best in its class, is a more affordable option of drinking water filter that offers deep purification, removing contaminants sized down to 0.1 microns.
  • It can remove 100% of chlorine and dramatically reduces many common impurities such as bacteria, cysts, lead, petrochemicals and pesticides.
  • Crystal B is best suited to public water supplies with low hardness although it will reduce lime scale occurrence on hard water supplies.
  • Unique ‘click and turn’ filter cartridges mean replacing takes less than a minute.

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