Iron and manganese Filtration

Dawson Water Solutions have the solution for even the highest levels of Iron and Manganese.

Iron & Manganese are the second most common problems in well water after limescale throughout Ireland.

At Dawson Water, we strive to provide the most cost effective solutions for Iron and Manganese removal.

Water softeners are the most straightforward method for low level Iron & Manganese.

At higher levels you may require a Backwashing Iron filter such as Birm or Katalox.

Iron and manganese in well water

Iron water has a brown/red/orange rusty colour and may often have cause a taste or odour in your water.

It can scale and clog pipework which can greatly affect showers, ballcocks, water pumps, heaters and appliances.

Manganese can cause a metallic taste or odour as well as black/dark grey staining or specs.

Appliances, pumps and shower may also suffer as a result of scaling similar to Hardness and Iron.

You may also notice dark stains on sanitary ware or discolouration of laundry.

Sizing and pricing depends on a number of variants:

  • Water testing is critically important as the first step in determining the best suited filter system.
  • Water consumption and type of use also influences the method of filtration used.
  • Where to install – filtration systems need shelter, power and waste outlets which may need to be provided.


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