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The Individual Supply Grant Scheme

If your house is over 7 years old and can’t be connected to a public water or group water scheme, you should be eligible for the following grants:

  • Upgrading your existing well pump system
  • Provision of a new supply – well drilling
  • Provision of water treatment works to a new or existing supply

Upgrading of an existing supply:

This grant is worth up to €3000 or 85% of the total cost of works involved (whichever is the lesser).

The grant can be used to upgrade an existing water pump system including the well pump, pressure tank and associated pipe, cable fittings etc or to make improvements to pump house, relocate the equipment to more suitable location or make improvements to the well such as well lining or building a manhole and cover.

Provision of a new supply – Well drilling

This grant is worth up to €5000 or 85% of the total cost of works involved (whichever is the lesser).

The grant can be used to drill a new well where necessary including the installation of a well pump system and associated works for the housing of pump equipment.

Water Treatment works

This grant is worth up to €1000 or 100% of the total cost of works (whichever is the lesser)

It can be used to provide water treatment equipment to improve the quality of water for new or existing water supplies in order to bring it within  EU drinking water guidelines.

This grant does not cover water softeners

A comprehensive accredited water test report must be produced to show where improvements are necessary.

Requirements for application:

  • Application form PWS1A for your County Council – See your local County Council website or contact us
  • Comprehensive water analysis report. – See water testing.
  • Quotation for cost of proposed works and tax clearance cert for chosen contractor (3-5 quotations required in some counties)

You are not eligible if you have received a grant in the last 7 years. In order to qualify for these grants, total cost of works must be more than €750. Before any work begins, the local council will call out to inspect your system. Once approved, works can go ahead within 12 months. Works must be paid for in full on day of completion. Receipts and paid invoices have to be submitted to council with a water analysis report and associated paperwork before a second council inspection can be arranged.


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Dawson Water Solutions provide a FREE call-out service to help with grant applications. We ensure that the customer understands the process and that everything is carried out in the quickest, easiest manner. Please note that Dawson Water cannot obtain quotes from other companies or carry out paperwork on your behalf. However, we will advise and help you in as many ways as possible. For more details on applications or grant eligibility, contact us today.
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