Water Softeners

  • Hard water is the most common water problem that Irish home owners face.
  • Having a water softener installed will result in 100% removal of hardness with many added benefits.
  • Softened water ensures that your many appliances such as kettles, washing machines, showers, hot water cylinders etc. stay working more efficiently for longer.
  • With soft water there will no more white spotty lime scale issues on your glassware, cutlery, taps and shower doors.
  • Less time spent cleaning the house.
  • Washing clothes and taking showers will be a whole new experience. Soft water creates an instant lather with soaps and detergents, giving a deep clean and fresh soft feeling.

Our Water Softeners

At Dawson Water Solutions, we supply only the best quality, most efficient water softeners on the market.

Our Clack water softeners work on a meter controlled basis.

Meter controlled softeners only regenerate when absolutely necessary, resulting in up to 70% less salt and 80% less water consumption compared to traditional, timer based softeners.

We cater for all applications, from small one bed apartments and average family homes to large hotels.

There is a water softener to suit your every need.

With prices from as little as €850, warranties of 10 years and the neatest, tidiest installations nationwide, you can be sure that a Dawson water softener is the best choice.

We also have water softener and drinking water filter package deals, offering savings of up to €150!


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